Cloud Development

The ultimate cloud solutions for your infrastruture & database administration

CLOUD Adaption

We offer services that includes:

  • Assessment of your application portfolio
  • Analysis and recommendations on strategy to migrate to Cloud
    • Monetary benefits
    • Scalability/Availability requirements of applications
    • Ease of migration
  • Migration and setup of applications on EC2
  • Autoscaling
    • To address demand spikes
    • To save money during low demand
    • Dynamically based on metrics or predictable schedule
    • Replace unhealthy or unreachable instances
    • High Performance Compute Clusters


We can support and manage your EC2 infrastructure by providing experienced windows server, Red Hat and Ubuntu administrators. The areas of service offered are as follows:

  • Assessment of Security implementation and risks
  • Assessment of opportunities for cost consolidation
  • Custom AMI creation for ease of future deployments
  • Assessment & recommendations on RPO/RTO needs



TrueNext can help install and manage your database servers on Amazon using either EC2 images of RDS. We support installation, management & performance optimizations of

  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle

Web Servers

TrueNext can setup, secure and scale your websites by configuring and optimizing your web servers. TrueNext has extensive expertise in the following web servers

  • nginx
  • Apache HTTP Server
  • Microsoft IIS Server


TrueNext has an extensive set of skill-sets in the area of Amazon S3 Storage. We help organization save costs but setting up auto-expiration & auto-archiving rules. We can help optimizing your storage costs by determining how long to store your files on S3 and when to move them to the low cost storage option of Glacier. We can also setup distributions of your media files from edge locations using CloudFront thereby decreasing the network latency. The amazon services covered under this banner are:

  • Amazon S3
  • Cloudfront
  • Glacier

Application Deployment

TrueNext provides organizations with guidance on setting up Identity and Access management rules to ensure the right person has access to the right resources. We can also run security audits and penetration tests on your applications. TrueNext has extensive experience and expertise on automated idempotent deployment to AWS EC2 instances using our own tool built on top Hosted Chef as well as using Amazon’s OpsWorks. Amazon services covered under this area are:

  • IAM & Security Groups
  • OopsWorks

The Cloud Migration Strategies


  • Discovery of
    • current assets and usage – identify assets appropriate for migration
    • topologies and dependencies
  • platforms and licenses
  • SLA's, security and compliance


  • Cloud feature/fit analysis – using industry best practices
  • Provider analysis – relevant for hybrid clouds
  • DevOps & IT Automation analysis – migration creates opportunities for new/enhanced automation
  • Contract model analysis – on-demand pricing, reserved instances, dedicated instances, bid/ask, etc.
  • Sizing analysis – for Compute instances, storage devices and network bandwidth

Migration & Validation

  • Establish the migration toolkit – identify toolkit to enable both one-time and repeat installations, configurations, validations and exception analysis
  • Migrate infrastructure – VM, OS, Load balancing requirements, Network security: NAT, firewalls, disk
  • Migrate applications, platforms and data – migrate multi-tiered custom applications, packaged applications, middleware platforms, database, turnkey systems (Exchange, LDAP, Active Directory, …)
  • Migrate operations services – reinstate VPN’s, monitors and alarms, disk backup and restore, etc.
  • Validate migration – validate migration for functional and non-functional requirements

Google Cloud & Salesforce Cloud Automation

TrueNext helps organizations to enhance Sales efforts with Google Cloud & Sales Force Cloud Automation Tools. TrueNext enables your sales staff to boost efficiency with CRM tools that support and optimize processes.